Laser Q-switch

laser Nd Yag Q-switchLasers Q-switch used for years in beauty salons and medical centers operate on the principle of ultrashort pulses of light that reaches deep into the skin, so you do not leave scarring and recovery time is extremely fast. The device is equipped with various terminals emitting lengths of 532, 1064, 1320 nm, which enables its multitasking. The head emits laser light with an energy adjustable between 10 and 50 J / cm2 and the time of emission of 10 ns. The laser head has a built-in red LED, which guides the laser beam to a very small capillaries points and treatments. Laser Q-switch can perform treatments such as:
• removal of tattoos in different colors
• removal of permanent makeup
• treat onychomycosis
• remove blemishes and capillaries
• perform peeling coal

All treatments were performed in separate series to each other from several days to several weeks, depending on the application and individual predisposition of the patient. In 90% percent of the cases it achieved overall improvement in the appearance of the skin, at the other end result is visible but not total.

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