The VectusTM epilation is the only one so durable and effective

Vectus LublinThe Laser Look salon invites you to laser hair removal using the most modern VectusTM device from the American company Palomar. Laser VectusTM is a breakthrough in laser treatments, Palomar has created a new generation device which thanks to patented solutions has left competition behind for many years. Palomar has a worldwide patent for hair removal. It is the only laser used in professional medical clinics around the world, also available now and in Lublin.

This is the only laser that destroys the hair bulb and not only weakens it, thanks to which the effects of the treatments last for many years.


The effectiveness of the Vectus laser is based on 3 new products:

  1. Active melanin sensor in Skintel TM skin, allowing the adjustment of treatment parameters to the individual needs of the patient
  2. Photon Recycling SM system, re-use of laser light that naturally reflects off the skin
  3. Advanced Contact Cooling SM, the skin is cooled before, during and after the emission of light


Laser VECTUS is the unrivaled leader in the world of laser hair removal, also available at Laser Look in Lublin

Vectus ™ is a medical diode laser for permanent hair removal and discoloration. It is currently the fastest and at the same time the most powerful laser hair removal system in the world. Many innovative solutions have been used in it, which decide about its advantage over other devices. Its features are exceptional effectiveness, safety and comfort of the patient.

The effectiveness of the device has been confirmed by research and a prestigious certificate issued by the American Food and Drug Administration FDA.

In 2013, the Vectus ™ diode laser received the prestigious Prix de Beauty prize in the “Discovery of the Year” category. This award is granted in the cosmetics industry in such countries as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland.

Skintel TM – active melanin sensor – the guarantee of the highest safety and no risk of burns

Skintel Lublin Palomar patent. Small device and important application. VectusTM is the only hair removal laser that has this reader. It gives the content of melanin in the skin, this parameter is of great use during epilation because it mainly depends on the amount of power that the laser must produce to effectively depilate, at the same time it is used so that this power is not too much so as not to burn the patient. The result is a precise adjustment of the device settings to a particular patient and achieving better results. The treatment takes place using the largest safe device power to make each visit as effective as possible.


Advanced Contact Cooling TM

bezbolesna depilacja Laser hair removal does not have to hurt anymore. The use of contact cooling, on which Palomar also has a patent, makes the treatments much more pleasant. This is the only device that uses 3-stage cooling to relieve the pain caused by a very strong laser beam. Cooling takes place before, during and after each single laser shot. Of particular importance is the depilation of intimate areas very sensitive to pain.


Photo Recycling TM

photorecyklingEffective cooling combined with the maximum treatment parameters make the Vectus laser hair removal the best and the most durable of all devices currently on the market. However, Palomar did not stop at these two new products, they decided to introduce further patents so that competition could not get closer to the Vectus TM laser for many years. The Photo Recycling TM system has been introduced. Because part of the laser light reflects off the skin and is lost, it was decided to put in the head a system of mirrors that these reflected flashes will turn back. This increased the effectiveness of treatments from 80 to almost 100%. Thanks to this system we are sure that the laser beam will hit any hair bulb.



What do you need to know about the procedure?

Before deciding on laser hair removal it is worth knowing that:

  • its impact on your skin is minimally limited – light beams destroying hair bulbs work very precisely, they are precisely aimed at their structure,
  • strong light waves are used for this – depilation is effective and durable,
  • it must be repeated – so that all hair is removed, because during one series only the hair that is in the growth phase is depilated.

Recommendations before laser hair removal:

  • 6 months before the procedure, oral treatment with retinoids should be stopped,
  • 1 month before the procedure one should not pull out the hair (wax, epilator, tweezers),
  • about 3 weeks before each treatment, we do not use creams, ointments with retinoid content, vitamin C and fruit acids in the place of surgery,
  • 2-3 weeks before the procedure, light-sensitizing drugs (phototoxic, photoallergic) and herbs with such effects should be discontinued, eg St John’s wort, calendula, figure-type tea,
  • 2 weeks – this is the minimum break after sunbathing in the sun or in a solarium,
  • if you get a tan as a result of self-tanning, etc., depilation is possible after it has subsided,
  • one week before the procedure – at the surgery site – we do not use peels and other preparations exfoliating epidermis and depilatory creams,
  • in the case of dry, irritated skin, it is recommended to use moisturizing preparations by the day before the treatment,
  • the day before the treatment, the machine should be shaved thoroughly at the disposable place of the treatment (paying attention to skin irritation). Before the first treatment, we recommend
  • leaving a small area (max.1cm2) with unshaved hair to determine the color of the hair,
  • immediately before the treatment, the skin must be clean, unalloyed. The procedure should come without prior use of moisturizing balms, antiperspirants, etc.

How to care for your skin after laser hair removal?

Taking care of your safety and comfort, after the treatment you should also apply a few simple rules. You have to know that:

  • the natural symptom after the treatment is redness, temporary swelling of the depilated area, which disappears after a few hours, max. up to 2-3 days,
  • on the day of the treatment, hot baths should be avoided,
  • up to 3-4 days after the procedure you should give up the swimming pool, sauna,
  • up to 4 days after the procedure, the skin should not be irritated with alcohol and spirit preparations (non-alcoholic antiperspirant may be used after depilation),
  • about 1-2 weeks after the procedure, we do not use peeling or exfoliating treatments,
  • 2-3 weeks after the treatment an absolute ban on sunbathing is obligatory, exposed parts of the body subjected to treatment are protected with cream with SPF filter min. thirty.

The number of treatments required

We assume that in the growth phase (only in this phase hair is destroyed) there is about 30% of hair, which is why laser hair removal requires repetition to achieve the intended effect. The treatment is repeated on average from 4-8 times at intervals of 4-10 weeks depending on the body part.


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